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Developed by expert sports scientist, Nic St Maurice, these programs are designed to help you achieve specific goals.


Everyone has different fitness goals. Whether it’s to burn fat, gain muscle, improve athletic performance or simply to feel better and have more energy, The Physical Training Company can help you by designing the most advanced and scientific personalized training program for your needs. Our ELITE team of SPORTS SCIENTISTS will take into consideration your training history, your injuries, your time restrictions and the equipment you have access to in order to make the training program that is right for you. All we ask for is that you give it your all, and we guarantee you will see the results you want. Our programs are user-friendly and available as an app, which includes all the information you need as well as instructional videos.


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They say nutrition is 75% of reaching your fitness goals. Just like for the training program, we only offer the best in terms of nutritional planning, that's why we have teamed up with #1 Nutritional Coach and Expert, Claudine Lariviere. Claudine has been a dietitian for almost 10 years. In 2007, she graduated from McGill University in Human Nutrition and started to work at the Montreal Children hospital along with her private practice. Since, she has developed an obsession with optimizing productivity of individuals and businesses through health and nutrition habits. After coaching teens, business owners, and athletes, she started a business of corporate health and wellness in 2012 and is now operating under her personal branding name. She is very active in her industry through conferences, television segments, online services and social medias. She collaborates with students, athletes, workers schools and businesses to stand out by being healthy and productive. Claudine’s mission is to inspire and motivate people to become better versions of themselves and reach their full potential with personalized strategies respecting each one’s values and reality! 


This is the best way for you to reach your goals, in as little time as possible. If you are motivated and ready to make it happen, this will guide you every step of the way to success. With both the training program and nutrition plan sorted, all you need to do is show up at the gym and put in the effort!  


There are so many supplements out there and it can get very confusing. The supplement guide will tell you which supplements you should take to help you achieve your goals. Remember, supplements are to help a good training program and nutrition habits, not to replace them! If you are training hard and eating like you are supposed to, this guide will help you recover quicker and perform better. Whether your goal is to burn fat, gain muscles, get stronger or be healthier, the proper supplements can help you optimize your work and get the bests results.


If your goal is get a 6 pack, you might want to add some abs routines in your program. The exercises we choose will already strengthen your core, but if you want to get your abs popping out a little more and look better for the beach, it is important to also focus on your abdominals. You will get 3 different routines that you can alternate for one month, before changing it the month after.

All of our programs are TAILORED to YOU by our team of Sport Scientists who have graduated from some of the BEST Sports Universities in the World like Loughborough University in the UK & McGill University in Canada!


4 Week


"Online Coaching was completely new to me and so far it’s been absolutely a 5-star experience. I’ve always seen posts about it on Instagram and assumed it’s probably fake results that are being shown but after my first 6-week program with The Physical Training Company, I absolutely fell in love with it. The main reason is the coach itself who dedicates his time to put together a program that works with your body and goals. Personal Training is a luxury and it’s great to have that one-on-one attention but I can definitely say that Coach Nic has been professional and attentive with his online coaching which has made me feel as though I have a personal trainer directly with me every time I’m training in the gym. I was beyond satisfied with my first trial that I decided to keep at the online coaching for another 6 weeks and most probably will continue with a new program to achieve my fitness goals. Online coaching is perfect for those that are disciplined to workout on their own and know exercises/techniques. It also works really well if you can’t commit to set timings and are traveling a lot because no matter where you are, you have your program and your coach on the go. What really exceeded my expectations is how attentive the online coach has been by constantly keeping in touch with me to see how I’m progressing and just to motivate me. Thank you Coach Nic! You are helping me achieve my goals."

 -- B Salmani

Try any of our Special Programs if you have one of these SPECIFIC goals in mind for only $89:

  • 28 Day Chest Pump Program

A 28 day program aimed at strengthening and improving your pectoral muscles, and helping you to increase your bench press weight. This program is an excellent kickstarter for serious weight lifters who are looking for expert guidance to see results fast!

  • 28 Day Bikini Body Program

A 28 day program that is specifically engineered to get you the beach-ready bikini body you have always wanted! This program is developed by our team of elite sports scientists to tone muscles without adding bulk, this will also help you speed up your metabolism and burn FAT fast! 

  • 28 Day Bigger Arms Program

A 28 day hypertrophy program aimed at increasing the size of your biceps and triceps. You will be doing this workout 3 days per week and will see results fast! You should still train the rest of your body during the rest of the week, but make sure to eat enough and recover properly in order get the most out of this killer arm program.

  • 28 Day Abs Program

A 28 day program that will give you abs. Realistically you need to be less than 12% body fat in order to see your abs, so you are lean enough and want to see a 6 pack, this program is for you. It is a combination of abs circuits and fat burning cardio routines that will get you lean and mean, and give you that 6 pack you've always dreamed of!